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8 Ways to Train Your Brain Into Losing Weight Properly

8 Ways to Train Your Brain Into Losing Weight Properly

Have you tried different weight loss methods, such as taking weight loss tablets, but still have challenges reaching your target weight? Maybe, you need to try an entirely new approach. You can try training your brain to lose weight the right way. Continue reading to understand better how you can do this.

1. Practice Mindful Eating

I recently read this Phenq review, and learned that it is vital to be mindful of what you eat when you try to lose weight. When you’re more aware of what you eat, you create a better connection between your brain and stomach. Your hypothalamus is activated, which sends a signal to your body to stop eating once it’s full.

But this communication doesn’t happen when you watch TV while eating or you binge eat. Mindful eating also tells your brain how much food you need to intake to lose weight.

2. Set Goals That Go Beyond Shedding Pounds

This means you must understand why you want to lose weight, what you want to achieve, and how you’ll do it. This will sync your body and brain to the same goal, which is to lose weight. How you communicate with your brain is crucial. You must also prepare a plan to keep yourself on track and not get distracted from achieving your goal.

3. Eat Using Your Non-Dominant Hand

If you’re right-handed, you eat using your left hand and the other way around. By doing this, you’re able to focus on your food and eat more mindfully instead of eating without thinking of the amount you consume.

4. Count Backwards from 20 to Zero

If you have a hard time controlling your cravings, you can try this technique. As you count backward from 20 to zero, you instruct your brain that your cravings will stop. It might be hard at first. But it will be helpful eventually.

5. Keep Picture of Healthy Food Around You

Photos of healthy food around you will train your brain to crave them. You can keep these photos on your desk or kitchen. These will help you visualize healthy food and stop eating unhealthy and calorie-laden snacks.

6. Do Deep Breathing Exercises Before Ordering Junk Food

There’s a possibility that you’ll order healthier food after relaxing and refocusing your brain when you do deep breathing. You can take 25 deep breaths before ordering.

7. Tell Positive Affirmations to Yourself

You tell yourself that you eat healthily, you won’t do anything that will damage your body, you’ll not eat too much and you will not binge eat. Say these affirmations loudly so your brain can pick up the signal to change your eating practices.

8. Put Healthy Food on Your Plate First

You might have tried eating using a small plate to control your serving better. Now, you can try filling your plate with healthy food first. This is to make less room for unhealthy food. It also trains your brain to feel full with healthy foods, which prevents overeating.

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