About Us

About Us

Shopgirls.ca is a blog that promotes a healthy and happy relationship with oneself. Our mission is to provide not-so-boring knowledge and fun tips about girls’ daily lifestyles.

Here, girls will find many fashion tips, fashion shops with the best deals, perfecting that makeup look, mind & body healthy tips, and many more. Our main purpose is to inspire and encourage every woman who feels lost and discouraged, especially because of their petite body size.

Our vision is to inspire more women and build a community that supports one another.

How It All Started

The Shopping Girl’s List began when Amanda, who has a petite body, found it extremely difficult to find fashionable and affordable items for her small body. After much struggle and comprehensive research, Amanda developed a keen eye for petite fashion while on a budget.

In 2014, she launched The Shopping Girl’s List, a stylish blog that focuses on helping women find a quality, petite items that can meet their budgetary needs. Besides, in this blog, you can learn everything you need to know about health and beauty, and life in general.